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Subaru Waitara – Car Dealer Waitara

Subaru Waitara is a one-stop shop for all your Subaru needs. Whether you’re in the market for a new or used Subaru vehicle, genuine merchandise, accessories or parts, we offer the products you need teamed with world-class customer service.
Conveniently located at 47-53 Pacific Highway, Waitara, NSW, we sit next to one of the area’s best known landmarks, the Bluegum Hotel. In addition to the Waitara area, Subaru Waitara also acts as car dealer Hornsby and Wahroongah.
Located on site, the Subaru Waitara Service Centre and Parts Department is home to a dedicated, experienced service team. They know everything there is to know about Subaru’s advanced engineering, reliable technology, Boxer engine, and symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Need advice on how to keep your Subaru in top condition for years to come? The good people at this car dealer Waitara can help you with that – whether you bought it new or used.
Our service centre can give your new Subaru a service every six months or 12,500km – whichever milestone you reach first. Alternatively, for 6-cylinder Subarus, a 5,000km service is required before reverting to the standard service schedule. If yours is a new Subaru and you’re not clear as to the service schedule you should follow, please read all documentation carefully to ensure you don’t accidentally nullify your warranty.
We are wholly owned by Trivett Automotive Retail Pty Ltd (TAR). Trivett is Australia's largest prestige automotive group and the retail unit of Inchcape Australia. Trivett represent 15 automotive brands including a majority of the world's most esteemed marques. Trivett has 23 dealerships across Australia, employing over 1,200 people and selling over 25,000 vehicles annually. Through the professionalism and expertise of its people, the quality of products offered and the contemporary world class facilities, Trivett Automotive Retail strives to provide the ultimate customer experience every time and every where.